“I wish I could breathe underwater.”

Ramaley C-389 (starting fall ’22)

michael.gil [at]

Ph.D. – University of Florida (2015)

B.S. – University of Texas at Austin (2008)

Curriculum Vitae

Mike Gil

Principal Investigator

I’m broadly interested in the intersection of ecology, evolution, conservation, and animal behavior. I use a combination of field experiments and modeling to understand how individual decision-making by wild animals can shape ecosystems and how these systems respond to human-driven environmental change. Much of my empirical work has focused on spying on fish in coral reefs, ‘Big Brother’/‘1984’-style to carefully measure (with the help of many cameras) how environmental inputs map onto behavioral outputs. My favorite study species (so far), the roving herbivores (e.g., parrotfish, surgeonfish, rabbitfish), are especially interesting to probe, because they perform the critical ecological function of controlling (by eating) algae, which can otherwise kill coral and degrade entire coral reef ecosystems. In addition to my ‘traditional Academic activities’ of research, teaching and mentoring, I founded and direct, a mass-science-communication platform that uses vlogging (video blogging) to humanize scientists, demystify the process of scientific discovery, and make STEM careers accessible to all. To learn more, check out and

“I am the bold inaugural graduate student!”


Graduate Student

We are recruiting graduate students to begin in the fall of 2022! More here.

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