Our Work

Research | JEDI

In our lab group, we leverage creative thinking and cutting-edge technologies to better:

1) understand how natural ecosystems function and respond to change, to build general knowledge and inform sustainable practices, and

2) connect a diverse mass public to the oft-taxpayer-funded process of scientific discovery and all that it offers to individuals and to humankind at large.

In our research, we tackle a variety interrelated questions and often merge ecology and animal behavior, as well as empirical and theoretical approaches. You can read more about the major research foci we’re currently pursuing here. We foster justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in STEM not only through the traditional Academic pathways of teaching and mentoring students in formal settings, but also through informal learning interventions that we stage in public spaces. You can read more about our use of mass science communication to foster JEDI in STEM here.

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